Issues with Swaddling babies

Issues with Swaddling babies

Swaddling Risks & Solutions


New mothers face a whole host of challenges while discovering the joy and adversity in caring for a newborn. While we’d like to believe that instinct takes hold and leads the way for a first-time mom, often mothers second guess their methods with their bundle of joy.


Whether their baby is a fussy eater, a reluctant sleeper, or a colicky newborn, new moms experience a variety of situations that can cause some sleeplessness at the least along with a bit of angst. One unexpected struggle new moms face is that of swaddling.


Despite the longevity and cross-cultural ubiquity of swaddling, there are some risks associated with the practice. For starters, straightening and then swaddling a baby’s legs can cause hip dislocation or dysplasia.


And swaddling a baby too tightly can lead to overheating. There is even a risk of SIDS in babies that can roll over or in babies swaddled in a thick blanket. The risk factors associated with swaddling is enough for a new mother to never wrap a blanket around an infant again.


Baby Turtle Snaps Solves Swaddling


A swaddling solution is wrapped up in Baby Turtle Snaps, a modern-day swaddle that zips up – or down - the front of your baby and snaps their arms to their sides for a snug and cozy fit, adjustable to the needs of your baby.


No more worrying about your baby wriggling loose or getting the swaddle bunched between their arms and legs. Made from 100% GOTS-certified organic, the Baby Turtle Snaps onesie keeps your baby feeling secure and snugly.


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