How to use your Baby Turtle Snaps Onesie

How to Use Baby Turtle Snaps and Features


Do you have a wiggly baby who makes swaddling seem like an Olympic sport? Unfortunately, practicing swaddling with burritos doesn’t always translate to babies.


If your baby Houdini wriggles themselves loose in a traditional swaddle, your Baby Turtle Snaps keeps them snug without bunching between their arms and legs.


Baby Turtle Snaps makes swaddling as easy as 1-2-3. Let us show you how!


  1. Onesie with Swaddle


Your Baby Turtle Snaps looks like a onesie and acts like a swaddle. Once you place your baby in your swaddling onesie, you have quick and easy options to transform it into a swaddle, helping your baby feel secure and warm.


  1. Two Ways About It


After placing your baby in your Baby Turtle Snaps, you can zip them up in a jiffy. With a two-way zipper up the front of your modern-day swaddle, you can position your baby comfortably and easily, adjusting as needed.


  1. Swaddle in a Snap


After zipping up your baby in their cozy, 100% organic cotton swaddle, you can swaddle in a snap. Double snaps on the arms and body allows you to place your baby’s arms in the optimal place for comfort and size.



And once your baby is swaddled up, you can check on their comfort without waking them or re-swaddling. Fold-over feet and hands allow you to regulate your baby’s temperature as you see fit for a snug and cozy swaddle. Try Baby Turtle Snaps and experience the difference for you and your baby.

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