Even some "Organic Cotton" brands have weird disclaimers and misinformation

Why Organic Cotton?


Because a baby’s skin is more vulnerable to absorbing chemicals, an alternative to conventionally-grown cotton or to synthetic materials is organic cotton for baby clothing.


GOTS-certified organic cotton is not only grown organically – without chemicals – but it’s also processed sans toxic chemicals and pesticides, as well as without synthetic fertilizer or genetic engineering.


Weaving, dying, and manufacturing GOTS-certified organic cotton is free of the toxic processing that accompanies conventionally-made cotton and organic cotton that is not GOTS-certified.


Baby’s Sensitive Skin


Infant skin is more sensitive and fragile because it is still developing during the first few months of life. A baby’s skin is also thinner and less resistant to bacteria, which makes their skin more susceptible to irritants and allergens.


To help protect your baby’s skin from anything that could penetrate its thin layer and cause irritation, you can adopt skin care practices that help protect your baby. Baby-friendly cleansing, moisturizing, and sun protection can also help prevent future problems with your baby’s skin.


Choosing Organic Cotton


Along with choosing the right cleanser and moisturizer, you’ll also want to be careful when picking the best diapers and clothing for your baby. Steer clear of course fabrics for clothing that will touch your baby’s skin. Scratchy clothing can cause a rash on a baby’s skin.


Your best bet is light and loose organic cotton clothing for your baby. Keep it simple with your baby by not overdressing them.


In addition to feeling soft and gentle against your baby’s skin, organic cotton clothing will also help your baby stay cool. Be sure to use organic cotton for your baby’s bedding, as well. It’s the safest choice for protecting baby’s skin. 


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